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Twice a year Mitchell PTO organizes 5th and 6th Grade Socials, which are FUN indoor carnival style events.  Socials are held in the fall and spring.  It is a fun after school event with games, prizes and food.  It is an excellent opportunity for all LC's to mix up and socialize more than during specials, lunch and recess time.

5th Grade Socials

The Social is a fun indoor carnival organized by the PTO with proceeds benefiting LCs, Teachers, Fine Arts, PE, Special Education, Life Skills and the Mitchell Scholarship Fund. All proceeds from the socials go directly back to the school.

The 5th Social Spring Tote Bags were sponsored Mourtisen Orthodontics.

2023 Fall Social info coming soon!

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6th Grade Socials

There will be lots of fun indoor and outdoor inflatable activities including obstacle courses, wipe out pit, DJ music, and more! We will also be providing a pizza lunch for your child. Plan to get wet form the water slide, foam pit, and slip n’ slide. Please bring a towel, bag to put wet clothes in and dry clothes.


T-shirt sales closed April 25.

We can’t wait for the students to have an awesome time at the End of Year celebration!

2023 Fall Social info coming soon!


6th End of Year Celebration

The last day of school will be a celebration for all 6th graders! Bounce, jump, slide and run into some inflatable fun on Thursday, May 25 from 9am to 12pm on campus. Delicious pizza included!


T-shirt sales closed April 25.

Hughes & Cozad Orthodontics water bottle sponsor

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