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Mitchell PTO Digital Directory

For PTO Members there are two ways to access the Directory Spot Digital Directory 1) website and 2) app.  The app is highly recommended.


**Only PTO Members receive access to the Digital Directory. Become a member today to gain access. Typically access to the digital directory is ready by early October.**

To access the digital directory, look for an email with your username/password (it is the same for both the website and app versions).  If you are an existing Directory Spot user, directory access should have been automatically added to your existing account - see FAQs below on how to toggle between school directories if you have multiple schools. 



Interested in a Sponsorship or being a Directory Advertiser? Learn more.


  • How do I switch between multiple school directories? If you have children enrolled in another school that utilizes Directory Spot and both PTOs have the same contact email address listed, you can switch between both directories easily. On the app if you choose the "... More" tab on the bottom right, choose "Directories" from the options and select the school directory you wish to view. On the desktop version, if you click on the drop-down box on the top right that has the directory name you are currently viewing, the other directory to which you have access should appear below the current one you are viewing.

  • Why switch from a print to digital directory? There were many considerations when making this change. The cost savings is significant allowing Mitchell PTO to give more back to the school. Printing costs have increased significantly. Supply chain issues are still impacting production. Digital directories allow for easy access on the go via the app or the website and allow for updates to be made as needed throughout the school year. 

  • How do I sponsor or advertise in the digital directory? Please email Mitchell Corporate Partnerships and we will let you know what is available. 

  • How do I edit my contact information?  Email Mitchell PTO

  • What email address is linked to my Directory Spot account?  The email that is in the directory under your name is the one that was given by CISD Legal Department. The email you joined the Mitchell PTO with is what your username is to login for Directory Spot. (Make sure to check your junk mail)

  • How do I access Directory Spot? If you didn't login when the Directory Spot link was originally emailed to you, you need to go to the login section of Directory Spot and click the reset password button, and Directory Spot will resend a new link for you to create your username/password.

  • Who has access to the Directory? Only PTO members have access to the digital directory, the information in the directory should not be shared. The digital directory is password protected. Become a PTO member to gain access. 

  • How do I opt-out of being listed in the Directory? When families registered their child, they were given the option to opt-out of being in a school listing. Those names are never given from the list that is received from Conroe ISD legal. If you did not opt-out through CISD you may do so by emailing Mitchell PTO.


The information in the student directory was obtained from Conroe ISD. Pursuant to the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and state law, a parent, may object to the release of their child's directory information by notifying the District's Legal Department in writing. Directory Information is defined in the student handbook. A student whose parent objects to the release of directory information is not included in the directory. We make every effort to include all students who wish to be in the directory, and we apologize for anyone inadvertently omitted. If your student's name does not appear, please contact the PTO. The directory is intended only for the personal use of members of Mitchell Intermediate PTO. Information included may not be used for any business or solicitation purposes by any individual and is not to be shared with anyone outside of Mitchell PTO.

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