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Friends of Mitchell offers parents, family, friends, and alumni of Mitchell Intermediate School the opportunity to support and enhance students education with a voluntary tax-deductible donation to the Mitchell Parent Teacher Organization (a 501c3 non-profit). 

100% of all contributions to the Mitchell PTO are used to fulfill its mission: Support and enhance the education of all Mitchell students. 

2023/24 Friends of Mitchell

Thank you for supporting the Mitchell Mustangs!

Wild About Mustang

Simon B.
Shlok K.
Sebastian L.
Ethan-Minh N.
Nicholas Z.

Galloping Giver

Bailey C.

Ananth I.

Greyson K.
Beren U.

Horseshoe Helper

Anson A.
Mia A.
Roman A.
Hollan B.
Margaret B.
Ivanna Fernanda C.
Julian C.
Nicholas C.
Alexander C.
Layla C.
Willie D.
Jonathon D.
Carlen D.
Claire F.
Adam F.
Samaksh G.
Gary Levi G.
Fabiana G.
Bailey H.
Linden H.
Zachary H.
Ruchira K.
Collins K.
Emma K.
Paula K. 
Parker L.
Luke L.
HuxLeigh M.
Kyle M.
Audrey M.
Anha N.
Levi O.
Jinha P.
Emma P.
Sean P.
Olivia P.H.
Adriano P.H.
Jacob R.
Luiza R.D.S.C.
Sophia R.
Aidan R.
Delaney S.
Vivian S.
Maggie S.
Caroline S.
Landen S.
Olivia T.
Holly W.
Evelyn W.
Kenzie W.
Jacob W.
Haotian Z.

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