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Our Purpose

Your Mitchell PTO Membership is a direct donation that assists the PTO’s mission to support the faculty, students, and staff at Mitchell Intermediate to ensure the best education for all our students. Your contribution helps bring the FUN to the Mitchell Mustangs from Fall and Spring Socials, Field Trips, Technology, Staff Appreciation Events, Yearbooks, Spirit Wear, Staff Development and more!

Thank you for supporting Mitchell PTO!

Last year Mitchell PTO, through your generous donations, provided Mitchell Intermediate:

  • New Library Furniture! Moveable tables/chairs, lounge-style soft seating. 

  • Chromebook Carts

  • 6th Grade HMNS Mission to Mars Field Trip including admission and charter bus transportation

  • 5th Grade Spring Creek Nature Preserve Field Trip including transportation

  • 6th Grade Fall & Spring Socials with proceeds directly going to LCs & other participating programs 

  • 5th Grade Fall & Spring Socials with proceeds directly going to LCs & other participating programs 

  • Provide all students complimentary BOBs (student daily organizer) & planner

  • 6th Grade End of Year Celebration - a fun filled graduation carnival!

  • 5th Grade Kickball Tournament

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Monthly Staff Appreciation events

  • Publish the Mitchell Yearbook & Student Directory

  • Design & sell Mitchell Spirit Wear & yard signs

  • Fund professional development for staff

  • Fund student curriculum & technology enhancements (ceiling mounted classroom projectors, smart boards, iPads, Chromebook Carts)

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