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Teacher & Staff Gifting


Dear Mitchell Families,

We have an awesome new method for parents to gift teachers and staff via which collects monetary gifts. Mitchell PTO is facilitating GiftCrowd as an easy, FREE, and virtual way for families to show appreciation to Mitchell teachers and staff. Giftcrowd lists all the teachers and staff who directly interact with your child. Conveniently, you can give to anyone you'd like at one site. At the end of the gifting period, the teachers and staff will only see a list of givers, the total amount from a group and not your individual amount. Then they will be able to select a gift card from hundreds of stores. This is a free site and no service fees will be deducted from your gifts. We started this new method last year with great responses about the ease and convenience as well as having access to other staff members and teachers.

Click here to access the Mitchell Gifting Page. 

Included are LC teachers, Fine Arts, PE, Special Ed, Library, Nurse, administration, staff,
aides, custodians, cafeteria staff


How Does It Work? 

1. GiftCrowd will present you with a list of all Mitchell Teachers & Staff.

2. Click on “Join” next to the Teacher or Staff member you wish to gift. Every recipient will be able to see the total amount of the gift and the list of givers (but not their individual contributions).

3. To join a gift, please select the gift recipient and then add your greeting and contribution.

The site is completely free and GiftCrowd does not take a cut of your donation.

You can give to everyone you want at one time and even write them personal notes if you’d like.

Options for Teacher & Staff Gifting

We'd like to offer some options for teacher and staff gifting this holiday season. Once again we want to remind everyone that gifting is 100% voluntary - there is no expectation or requirement.



  1. Give directly to teachers (and other Mitchell staff) through

    • See note above for how this works & the link

    • This was introduced for end-of-year gifts in Spring 2023 and wonderful feedback was given about this site from the staff!

    • This is the preferred alternative to a group collection & gift

  2. Teachers' Amazon wish lists or favorites are another great way to gift! Contact your LC Parent.

  3. Handwritten notes and cards are always treasured, alone or in combination with any of the above.

  4. Submit a Teacher Achieving Excellence (TAE) through CISDs Parent Access Center. Go to the parent access portal and login using your credentials. If you do not have access you will need to register for one. Hover over the Communication Tab. You will see a drop down menu appear. Click on “Teacher/Staff Excellence”. Select your Teacher or Staff member from the drop down menu. After you have selected your Teacher or Staff members name, you may now select the reason for the TAE and or type in any additional notes/ comments that you would like for them to read. Do not forget to press the blue submit button at the bottom for them to receive it.


Worth noting that CISD rules state that teacher and staff gifts may not exceed monetary value of $50 per teacher/staff member per giving event per family.


Again, nothing is expected; everything is appreciated. Please do what is best for you and your family. 

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