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Volunteer Opportunities

Time to use your amazing skills

We always appreciate extra hands. Email us today to be added to our Volunteer List. When volunteers are needed the Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to those who sign up.

In order to volunteer on campus, you must fill out the Conroe ISD volunteer application each school year. You may do so at

Current Events & Sign Up's
December Teacher Cookie Wonderland

Our Teacher Cookie Wonderlad is around the corner on December 7th.  Please review the available slots.  All donations are greatly appreciated.

Spring 2024 Library Shelving Volunteer Opportunities

Mrs. Bryant is looking for some volunteers to help shelve non-fiction books.

School Mustang Money Donations

One way the Mitchell staff members recognize students when they are helpful, respectful, and following expectations is with "Mustang Money". Students place their "Mustang Money" in a box hoping their name will be drawn. If it is, they can pick from a selection of sweet treats or novelty school supplies. If you would like to support the front office with donations for Mustang Money recipients, please click on the button below to sign up for a sweet treat donation.

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